A&M Concrete is well versed in the world of underground utility construction. A&M Concrete employs several dedicated utility crews with the experience to efficiently complete the utility project with minimal disruptions to existing infrastructure, while assuring compliance to all specifications, standards and client expectations. All A&M Concrete Foremen are Competent Persons and OSHA certified.

The Utility Division handles the following types of projects:


  • Bypass Systems
  • Distribution Main
  • Service Connections
  • Control Valves
  • Fire Hydrants
  • Fittings
  • Air Release Vaults
  • Valve Manholes
  • Wet Taps
  • Insertable Line Stops

A&M Crews are experienced in working with the following piping materials for watermain:

  1. Cast Iron Pressure Pipe
  2. Copper Pipe
  3. Galvanized Pipe
  4. Cement-Asbestos Pipe
  5. Ductile Iron Pipe
  6. Concrete Pipe
  7. PVC / HDPE

Past projects include working up to 24″ DIP and PCCP watermains, to include installation of DIP to PCCP adaptors.

Sanitary Sewer

  • Sewer Main
  • Laterals
  • Manholes
  • Branches
  • Interceptors

Dependent on soil conditions and contents – Sanitary Sewer will involve installing either 1) Cast-Iron Soil Pipe, Vitrified Clay Pipe, Concrete Pipe or PVC Pipe.

Duct Banks

  • Utility Conduit Runs – Communication
  • Utility Conduit Runs – Electrical

A&M Concrete recently completed a multi-million dollar Utility Relocation project which involved re-routing overhead electrical and communication lines to an underground system, including installation of manholes.