Vesper Street Shared Use Path

Contract Number: CN17102027

Project Owner: Fairfax County

Project Location: Near Tysons Corner Spring Hill Metro Station

Description: This project consisted of constructing of a 10′ wide asphalt use path with approximately 2,030 LF to provide pedestrian access to Tysons Spring Hill Metro Station, including a pre-fabricated bridge, storm water drainage, asphalt paving, light poles, handrails, guardrails, bollards, pavement markings, signs, and associated restoration work.

Award: This project received Fairfax County’s, 2020 APWA Awards Program – Project of the Year. Click Here to learn more.

Rehab of Connecticut Ave Over Klinge Valley

Contract Number: POKA-2004-B-0036-FH

Project Owner: Government of The District of Columbia, Department of Transportation

Project Location: Connecticut Ave, Washington, D.C. 20002

Description: Rehabilitation of the Bridge of Connecticut Ave over Klinge Valley for DC DOT. A&M reinforced the infrastructures steel beams and a new concrete deck was poured.

Bridge Span Maintenance

Contract Number: AX9466114

Project Owner: Maryland State Highway

Project Location: Maryland

Description: This project consisted of bridge span, roadway, and culvert maintenance. Repair and replacement work was preformed throughout the state of Maryland.